6 Factors Affecting Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Price

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Fiber laser cutting machine price are prohibitive and it could deter people from purchasing them. We all know that fiber laser cutters offer many benefits that prove to be more cost-efficient than CO2 laser cutting machines. They feature better accuracy, lower cost, and less maintenance. They come into diverse configurations, sizes, applications. There are many factors that affect the industrial laser cutting machine price, such as configurations, laser power, bed and beam, functions, degree of newness, transportation costs, and so on. In this article, we will give a detailed analysis of the factors that will affect fiber laser cutting machines.

● Bed and Beam of CNC Laser Steel Cutting Machine

The impact of the bed and beam on steel laser cutter machine price includes two aspects. First, the size of the work surface will directly affect the steel laser cutting machine price. The larger the machine processing area, the larger the bed and beam, and the higher the price. In addition, the quality and material of the bed and beam will also affect the price.
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● Configuration of Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Machine

The quality of the part configuration decides the ability of the machine, and the one that can achieve high accuracy and stable laser, strong beams are more costly. CNC fiber laser cutting machine from Hymson enables automatic typesetting, fast cutting speed, smooth incision. The outstanding configurations can meet a wide range of manufacturing demands and they will be more expensive than the ordinary ones.
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● Control System of Fiber Cutting Machine

The control system is the brain of the fiber cutting machine, and it can be controlled by a hand-held controller. The fiber cutting machine equipped with an intelligent control system will be more expensive. For example, the Hymson control system has multiple functions, such as graphics processing, parameter setting, custom cutting process editing, layout, path planning, simulation, and cutting process control. It's equipped with many mature, stable, and efficient processing applications, which helps to improve efficiency.

● Laser Power of the Fiber Laser CNC Machine

As High power laser cutting machine continue to go deep into the market, more and more high-power cnc laser steel cutting machine have been developed. Its power ranges from a few hundred watts to tens of thousands of watts. The maximum thickness of the cut metal will also vary depending on the laser power. The price differs depending on a different power. Hymson laser has a 1000w laser cutter, 1.5 kw fiber laser cutting machine,2kw laser cutting machine, 3kw laser cutting machine, 4kw fiber laser cutting machine, and other more powerful fiber laser processing machines to choose from. Laser power plays an important role in cutting efficiency and the price. Find machines with different fiber powers and cutting thicknesses.
stainless steel laser cutting machine price
 stainless steel laser cutting machine price

● Functions of Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Machine

Industrial CNC laser cutting machine can cut various types of metal, from stainless steel, carbon steel. Highly reflective metals. According to the materials they cut, they can be divided into aluminum sheet cutting machines, brass sheet cutting machine, fiber laser cutting stainless steel, etc.

1.CNC laser metal cutting machine price will have some differences because of such various types. For example, metal sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machines have complete functions, which makes them more costly than the common steel tube cutting laser machines or sheet laser cutting machine.
2. The exchange platform laser cutting machine is convenient for users to quickly load and unload materials, therefore, its price will be much higher.

applications of fiber laser cutting machine in china
applications of fiber laser cutting machine in china

● Extra Cost

Extra fees include transportation fees, packaging fees, taxes, and other costs, when purchasing a machine, users should know clearly whether the laser cutting machine price includes other service fees.
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