Fiber laser welding: The Best Way to Weld Metal

More welding projects are demanding a higher precision control, lower heat input, and lower electrical energy consumption. Continuous-wave CO2 welding lasers are limited in terms of accuracy and undesired, the high heat input into the weld. Fiber laser welding machine provides contact-free, high-speed welding solutions that are used to join different components. In this article, we will walk through what metal can fiber laser weld and what it shines.


What Laser Beam Welding Machine can offer:

Fiber laser welds are “small” and “deep”. Welding beads and heat-affected areas are minimal, and high-strength welding is achieved at high speed. Discolouration or deformation, burns from welding are minimal, thus contributing directly to the quality of the product finishes. Additionally, the quick yet deep welding translates to high strength welding joints and the removal of edge preparation process.

● Highly accurate control of the heat input, and the Laser Welding machine adopts optical fiber to transmit high energy density beam.
● Flexible and convenient to operate. Ability to automate and create higher volume throughput without major fixturing.
● Low distortion for complex weld joints and shapes.
● Allows for high energy density welding. It adopts the modular and water-cooling way, with the system highly integrated, with continuously adjustable laser power.
● Unlike other fiber laser welding technologies, these machines are able to be pulsed, the pulses can be shaped, and hence, the temperature of the weld joint can be precisely controlled at the molten joint.
● The small focus diameter of fiber laser technology offers enhanced power density, a smaller HAZ, lower cycle time, and lower heat input which can all be documented and repeated.
High quality fiber laser welding machine for sale

High quality fiber laser welding machine for sale


What Kind of Metal can Fiber Laser Weld?

The laser welder is able to laser weld any kinds of metal, such as laser welding machine for aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze alloys, steel, carbon steels, etc. The laser welding machine can weld materials of different thicknesses, but the welding penetration depth will be limited due to different models. Fiber lasers are available with both types of energy delivery: Continuous and Pulsed. As the name states, the Continuous Wave (CW) lasers deliver a continuous, uninterrupted output.  
laser welding machine for aluminum


The laser metal welding machine also enables automated, repeatable, and reliable implementations of welding techniques that also reduce waste, porosity, and sputtering common to other laser welding techniques. Hymson laser is a professional laser welding machines manufacturer in China, don't hesitate to contact us if you want to purchase the machine.